At our annual meeting on August 5, 2017, members of our lake association voted to dissolve Cranberry Lake Association and consolidate with ERCLA. This endeavor began over a year and a half ago as an effort to simplify and unify activities on the Eagle River Chain. Benefits of consolidation include:

  • Clear identity
  • Unified message/presence
  • Pooling of leadership
  • Simplified dues structure
  • Elimination of duplicate activities such as newsletters, websites, membership recruitment, record keeping, board meetings, annual meeting, filing required state and federal documents, and maintenance and building of treasury
  • Lake groups CAN maintain and build their sense of community through social endeavors if desired
  • Pooled financial assets/shared costs

A lake captain from each lake will represent the individual lakes on the ERCLA board of directors. We are pleased to announce Tom Atchison will be our lake captain. Some responsibilities of the lake captain include:

  • Represent Cranberry Lake’s interests and issues on the ERCLA board
  • Maintain Cranberry Lake’s social fabric
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Member recruitment

You can reach Tom here or call (920) 422-1866.

The final report for the 2016 EWM management program is posted on our EWM page.
Visit our Lake Management page for updated lake management plans for both Cranberry Lake and the entire Eagle River Chain.
Lakefront property owners pay a large portion of the county's taxes.

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The results of the WDNR fish survey conducted in 2013-2014 are available on our Lake Management page..